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By GamesRadar UK posted 1 hour 5 minutes ago

The UK GamesRadar team returns for the weekly minigame challenge. After last week's pin on a foam sword Jousting Challenge, things get a bit silly. It's time to see who can kick Justin's toy monkey the farthest. Will it be Dave H, who insists as long as the monkey feels pain everyone wins? Will it be Justin, with his unfair and totally non-relegation 'moon boots'? Or will it be Matt Cundy, the Cornish Pasty-powered kicking machine, fresh off the back of two minigame victories? Let's kick the monkey and find out. Ghost Warrior 2 is a first-person shooter game that focuses on the simulation of what it is like to be a realistic sniper that runs on the CryEngine 3. If you like sniping and and enjoy sneaking around then this might be a game for you. However, the game isn't as realistic as you might expect it to be due to numerous problems it has. I will be explaining the game's high and low points, but first lets cover the presentation of the game. Find more info on call of duty black ops 2 cheats here.

So, Dracula and Saruman himself is voicing Hugo Strange in Batman: Arkham City, eh interwebs? Bull and shit, we say. While we'd love ancient English thesp Christopher Lee to provide his esteemed tones for the final game, that doesn't sound like Lee to us in the new Arkham trailer. Why not watch the video again inside and decide for yourself?

Ah, the sweet country pluckins of Banjo-Kazooie. For a game filled with irritating noises and characters who never shut the hell up, it's got a surprisingly catchy, borderline heartwarming soundtrack that'll soothe even the most burningest of rages.

By Andrew Webster, GamesRadar US posted 10 hours 29 minutes ago

The thing with zombie games is that, sometimes, even when they’re bad, you can still have lots of fun. And that’s the case with Dead Rising Mobile. Bad controls, bad camera, and bad graphics make this a game you probably shouldn’t like. But it’s hard not to smile when you’re smashing undead skulls with a bowling ball...

By Ryan Winterhalter, GamesRadar US posted 11 hours 58 minutes ago

The often forgotten TurboGrafx-16 was released at an odd time in history, just on the cusp of  the 16-bit era in the United States. As Nintendo and Sega dominated that market, it never really stood a chance.

Hudson is now giving the system another chance on the iPhone. The official TurboGrafx-16 app will free and come with one game, World Sports Competition. Extra games will cost $3.99 each, and while the company hasn't released a list, we bet you'll get the chance to play Bonk on your iPhone pretty quickly...

By Matt Hughes, GamesRadar US posted 12 hours 15 minutes ago

If earning CoD points, leveling up, and buying bigger guns weren’t enough to keep you saying “one more match” until 4 a.m., the addictive online gameplay of Black Ops is further bolstered by challenge-locked pro perks designed to eat up plenty of your time. We’ve got some advice on how to efficiently complete the trickier challenges without ripping your hair out in frustration and yelling into your headset obscenities that would make George Carlin blush. We’ve already got plenty of that out there. 

Disclaimer – employing some of the following tactics may or may not annoy the crap out of your teammates. Muting is highly recommended.

Concerned friends and family of analyst Michael Pachter, one of the internet’s most commonly quoted sources of games industry speculation, spoke to us today to express their unease with his progressing ‘career.’

“I was surprised when I discovered he was still doing this,” said a now-estranged friend, who hasn’t spoken to Pachter since 2007.  When asked how Pachter got his start, the source explained, “It was just me and him and a few friends, nothing big. We’d talk about games, make little predictions... a bet here, a bet there, and occasionally he'd be right, or at least close.”

By Mark Raby, GamesRadar US posted 12 hours 35 minutes ago

Super Smash Bros is by all accounts a fantastic game franchise. But there's one problem - it isn't portable. Plus, there are just too many colors. So the only thing that would make it better is if you could play it on-the-go on a 1980s green-and-black screen...

Let's face it: You'll probably never actually get around to playing most of the games you wanted to play this year. And if you do manage to eventually tackle a game from your backlog, chances are some asshole has already spoiled the ending for you.

So let's take a proactive approach, shall we? Spoil them for yourself before your friends have the pleasure of spoiling them for you. It'll be quick and painless – like taking off a band-aid...

Above: The reason I am here today is to report on an old YouTube video because apparently, actual journalism isn’t high on my non-horse supervisor's priority list

It’s not easy being a horse, especially a horse who likes to read. Why, just the other day I was at the library enjoying the latest Ken Burns book at the San Francisco public library, when a human female foal began tugging at my mane. The foul brat couldn’t have been more than three years old. I looked to the hell spawn’s mother for assistance. With her disgusting daughter elbow-deep in my mane screaming, “Pony! Pony!” at the top of her lungs, I was expecting the mother to untangle the sticky child from my mane, but was horrified when the she actually stepped onto my reading table, lifting up her daughter to place her on my back.

Do you humans even understand the basic rules of etiquette for your own human-made institutions? Libraries are meant to be quiet havens for lovers of literature. They are not petting zoos for your poor-mannered offspring. But I digress…